Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Rumor of the Week: Joy Giovanni To Sign With WWE

Sometimes, I really wonder who comes up with these rumors and how they get around the Internet so fast. Maybe Joy herself WWE did it to spark interest in an otherwise lame match. Anyway, reports are circulating that after last night’s tragic display of a match, Joy Giovanni was offered a contract by the WWE. I’ll admit, she looks much better than she did in her first stint with the WWE. But I’m not quite sure why she would be getting offered a contract; she didn’t really do anything in the match. I didn’t even see her enter or exit the ring. Plus, she must be really busy promoting Amy vs. Joy, the DVD set based on her feud with ex-Diva Amy Weber.

At a time when the Diva’s roster is already so crowded with more Divas than ever before, and reports that Angela Fong will be joining Cryme Tyme on the Raw roster, it doesn’t really make sense why they would bring Joy on board. The only reason I can see the Divas roster getting so big is if some of them head over to ECW in the draft because reports are making rounds that Vince wants to grow ECW.

The same thing happened at the 25th Anniversary of Raw, where rumors were running wild that Sunny was going to be signed, and I believe Sunny herself thought it was going to happen. Alas, nothing came of that and if you ask me, nothing will come of this rumor either.

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