Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Session Moth Martina wins Discovery Wrestling Women’s Championship

Earlier today, Discovery Wrestling held its Disco Derby event. The main event saw Sammi Jayne defend her DW Women’s Championship in a match of the same name. The Disco Derby match is an elimination style match similar to the Royal Rumble. This was the first time that Discovery Wrestling held an all women’s version of the match.

As per Wrestle Ropes UK’s report, Sammi Jayne was the third woman to enter the match. However, Jayne was eliminated second by Angel Hayze. The crowd eagerly anticipated a guaranteed title change for for the rest of the match.

The two final participants were none other than Kasey Owens and Session Moth Martina. The latter upset the former with a pinfall victory to become the new Women’s Champion.

Prior to the match, Sammi Jayne was the first DW Women’s Champion. She won the vacant title at DW Civil Unrest 2017. The match was a Tournament Final Four Way match, which ironically enough featured Martina as a participant. Since then, Jayne held the title for a staggering 483 days. Now, Martina becomes the second woman to hold the title.

Stay tuned with Diva Dirt for updates regarding Martina’s first defense and if Jayne will get a rematch.

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