Saturday, August 15, 2020

Women’s Tag Team Titles to be defended at Payback

It has been announced that Sasha Banks and Bayley will have to continue to put in the work as they will be...
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Joshi Roundup for August 2nd, 2015: Weekly Look at Women’s Wrestling in Japan

Welcome back to another edition of the Joshi Roundup! This is going to be a more "informative" column than usual, as this past week was...

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Brandi Rhodes says The Deadly Draw Tournament was her idea

AEW is often under a microscope when it comes to its women's division. The lack of booking and focus has been scrutinized...

Big Swole returns to action on tonight’s AEW Dynamite

Big Swole returns to AEW tonight to face an opponent of Britt Baker's choosing.

Winners & Losers: RAW 08.03.20

There was a lot of animosity towards the Golden Role Models as they now hold all the gold. The woman who has...