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Position Title: TV Reviewer

My interests outside of wrestling: Reading, video games and music.

My most played song on iTunes: “Chicago is So Two Years Ago” by Fall Out Boy.

The movie I could watch on an endless loop I never get sick of seeing The Color Purple.

My favorite book: Harry Potter and The Death Hallows. I’ve read that book like 80 times.

My favorite fictional character: Orfeo Ricari (look it up).

My three most visited websites: Diva Dirt (duh), and

My female wrestling ‘spirit animal’ would be… The mighty and beautiful Cheerleader Melissa.

If I had a free shot at any character in wrestling, I would hit… Jan, the make-up lady.

If I was a wrestler, my go-to gimmick and entrance music would be… Since everyone says I’m so “emo”, a emo/goth gimmick likely be my go-to, mainly because it’s so different from how really am. I think it’d be fun to play a character like that. My entrance theme would be “Break” by Three Days Grace.

The finishing move I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of is… The Kudo Driver (Cheerleader Melissa) or The O-Face (Athena)… Ouch!

If I had front row seats to WrestleMania & faced the hard camera, my sign would say… “Ustah is a roostah from Brewstah!”