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TNA Sacrifice Predictions: Chyna’s In-Ring Return, Mickie vs Madison

The Diva Dirt team weigh in on tonight’s Sacrifice pay per view:

Chyna & Kurt Angle vs Karen & Jeff Jarrett

Cryssi: I don’t expect Karen Jarrett to actually get in the ring. So we’ll either see Chyna/Kurt Angle versus Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match, or the more likely scenario of Kurt Angle versus Jeff Jarrett part whatever it is. So this will be a no-contest for the ladies. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. =)

Eric: Remember how TNA used to deliver at least one if not two Knockouts matches on their PPV’s? Well at this point last year it looked like we would never see such a thing again. Well, surprise, surprise TNA has seemingly returned to its Knockout heavy PPV and offered us two matches at Sacrifice! One problem…these matches suck. Like Snooki, Chyna is more known as a reality star to the general public. Like Snooki, Chyna has an impressive backflip. Like Snooki, there isn’t too much to Chyna’s ring ability. But where as Snooki got to work Michelle, Chyna is working Karen. Won’t that be fun? I actually see Jeff & Karen winning via a cheat. Then we can have Chyna vs. Karen for many months to come!

Erin: If TNA is looking to create a long program with Chyna, the best way to establish her as a force to be reckoned with would be to have her dominate this match. Everyone’s memories of Chyna are largely of her demonstrating her strength and intimidating men and women alike. Even if she’s not as built as she once was, I think they can still see her as the “9th Wonder of the World”, if not in that exact wording, since the WWE might have a trademark on that. Chyna and Angle losing this match would defeat the purpose of including such a strong figure in the first place, like taking the air out of a balloon just after its been blown up. Chyna needs to make a statement, and in order to do that, she needs to win. Chyna & Kurt Angle win this match.

Melanie: The thought of Chyna returning to a wrestling ring seems almost too good to be true. I have nostalgic memories of Chyna’s matches in WWE and I was a big fan. 10 years, a lot of muscle mass and plenty of problems later, the Chyna we knew then isn’t the same Chyna we see now. I have a sneaky feeling that there’ll be a swerve where Chyna nor Karen get into the ring and end up either standing on the apron the entire match, or they are made managers. Either way, don’t expect to see Chyna wrestle a full match. (Can she even do it anymore? Is it like a riding a bike?) I think, however, if the match does go ahead as the advertised mixed tag, Chyna & Kurt will win.

Mickie James vs Madison Rayne (If Madison Loses, Tara is Free)

Cryssi: The Mickie James and Madison Rayne match is pretty cut and dry. If Mickie wins, Tara is free, so I totally expect to see Mickie James pull out the victory. Of course, since this is TNA, watch Madison Rayne win, get the title back, and Tara has to remain in captivity for the time being. They could have a feud with Tara rebelling, and trying to get the championship, and it can all culminate in a match at whatever the next PPV is. So yeah, I’m going with Madison Rayne to win tonight. My idea is much more exciting than Mickie James having a title.

Eric: For the 6,3040 time in a row we have Mickie against Madison. While TNA has done the swerve many a time, I see Mickie picking up the win. Tara is a free babyface! Wait…TNA will still have no other opponent for Mickie besides Madison. Oh well, their bad. They can do another Mickie vs. Madison match won’t that be fun?

Erin: I’d really like to see this conflict between Madison and Tara turn into a full-fledged feud, and the best way to do that would be to split them up. That would allow Tara to go full babyface while Madison, of course, stays heel. It’s an interesting stipulation, and a unique way to really kick-start a feud, with Mickie being the one who gives it its starting push. Even if Mickie winning doesn’t start a Madison/Tara feud, I can’t see her losing this match. Of course, the fact that she only just won the Knockouts Title tells us that it’s unlikely that Madison would win it back so soon, so there’s that aspect of it. I just think TNA is really going for a Tara/Madison feud, and in order to do that, they need Mickie to pry the duo apart. Mickie wins, retains her title, and “frees” Tara.

Melanie: I predict that the downfall of Madison Rayne will continue tonight as she loses to Mickie yet again, perhaps with interference from Tara. Then, after the match, is hit with the Widow’s Peak adding insult to injury. Tara is free. Mickie retains her belt. Madison is humiliated.

Put your predictions in the comments!

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