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WSU King & Queen Tournament Results: Jennifer Cruz Wins, Midwest Militia Title Defenses

WSU held its annual King and Queen tournament this past weekend which was won by Jennifer Cruz.

In non-tournament action, the Midwest Militia retained all of their gold as Jessicka Havok successfully defended the WSU Spirit Title against Marti Belle and Sassy Stephie & Allysin Kay were victorious in a Tag Team Championship match against Alicia and Brittney Savage.

The DVD for the tournament is already on sale here.

[notice]STATE OF WSU FOR 4/15/12
– King & Queen of the Ring Tournament Results
– King & Queen of the Ring Tournament DVD Already Released at:
– DVD Already On Sale!
– Jennifer Cruz is the new QUEEN of WSU
– Jessicka Havok Retains WSU Spirit Championship; Throws Marti Belle Into Front Row!
– Militia Retain WSU Tag Titles
– Post Show News
– WSU Returns in Less than 2 Weeks
This past Saturday night, 4/14 in Dunellen, NJ, WSU teamed up with big brother promotion NWS for the 7th Annual King & Queen of the Ring Tournament. While previous winners such as Julio Dinero & Cherri, Danny Demanto & Melissa Stripes, Rhett Titus & Nikki Roxx, Jay Lethal & Miss April, Devon Moore & Alicia and Julio Dinero & Mercedes Martinez all enjoyed their tournament victories, perhaps no one took their win as a career changing moment and as the beginning of a regal era, as 2012’s tournament winner, Jennifer Cruz. In fact, immediately after the event, Jennifer Cruz told that when being talked about she must be addressed as either Queen Cruz, Her Majesty or Her Royal Highness!
Jennifer Cruz, who stated at the beginning of the year that she was going to make 2012 her year has lived up to those words, as Cruz is currently undefeated in 2012. Of course, some of these victories were picked up through nefarious activities, but as Jennifer, errr excuse us, as Queen Cruz says, “A win’s a win.”
However, Her Majesty wanted to make an immediate example of all her peers who she now considers as peasants. Immediately following the finals, Queen Cruz had her partner, Mike Dennis hold down Jana and made Jana kiss her feet! Jana, the WSU Hall of Famer and former Spirit & Tag Champion, was furious about the disrespect. Cruz made it clear afterwards that everyone in WSU is beneath her and only she is pure royalty.
Her Royal Higness has demanded time at the J-Cup on 4/28 for her Official Coronation and where Queen Cruz will make her first proclamation. We are now living in the Queen Cruz era in WSU, and who will attempt to take her off her high throne?
Outside of the King & Queen tournament, WSU presented two championship matches last night. WSU World & Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok defended the WSU Spirit Championship against Marti Belle. This was the biggest match in Marti Belle’s career, and Marti brought it to the champion. However, the champ was just too dominating with her eyes set on defending her World Title against former champion of three years, Mercedes Martinez on 4/28. Marti put up a hell of a fight in this match and Jessicka would get visibly frustrated. Havok finally had enough and GORILLA PRESSED Marti from the ring STRAIGHT INTO THE FRONT ROW!
Marti Belle’s ex-tag team partner, Tina San Antonio was out scouting this match, but wisely chose not to interfere in Militia in activity. When Marti was Gorilla Pressed in her direction, Tina was laughing. However, Tina stopped laughing when Marti found the will power and heart to get back into the ring before the ref’s count of 10. Marti showed she was a true warrior, but Havok is on a whole other level right now. Sapped of strength from willing herself back into the ring, Marti was easy prey as Havok won the match after a demon drop.
After the match, the Militia welcomed Tina to pick apart Marti. Tina relished at the opportunity, but Alicia & Brittney Savage ran out to chase The Midwest Militia away. Savage & Alicia reminded the MWM they were taking the WSU Tag Team Titles tonight.
In the other non-tournament match, The Mid-West Militia, Sassy Stephanie & Allisyn Kay, successfully retained their WSU Tag Team titles over former champions Alicia & Brittney Savage. This was another all-out war between these hated rivals. Savage & Alicia, uniting together by wearing New York Yankee gear, brought the violence to the new tag champions. These four have been going at it for months, verbally, physically, emotionally and mentally and every time these four get in the ring together, all hell breaks loose.
It looked like Alicia & Savage were finally going to regain the WSU Tag Team titles, as Alicia and Kay fought on the floor and Savage had Stephanie laid out in the ring. With the ref trying to restore order with the mayhem on the floor, the leader of the Militia, the World & Spirit Champion, Jessicka Havok came out. Havok tried interfering, but Savage caught Havok and laid her out with a diamond cutter. This is the second time (other time being IndyMania last year), that Savage has owned Havok with just a diamond cutter. It seems that the diamond cutter is the one move that can stop Havok.
While eliminating the outside threat, Sassy Stephanie was able to regain her composure. After the diamond cutter on Havok from Savage, Savage walked right into a Kiss My Sass, and Stephanie picked up another victory over Savage. It seems the Savage & Sassy Stephanie feud, a feud that started in the fall of 2010 has just gotten even hotter.
First Round Matches:
Jana & Johnny Knockout d. Rich Michaels & Nikki Syx
Jennifer Cruz & Mike Dennis d. Dixie McGuire & Austin Williams
Jenny Rose & Cannonball d. Nicollette The Monkey & Nicky Oceans
Tina San Antonio & Jack Spade d. Rick Cataldo & JD Smoothie
Second Round Matches
Jennifer Cruz & Mike Dennis d. Jenny Rose & Cannonball
Jana & Johnny Knockout d. Tina San Antonio & Jack Spade
Jennifer Cruz & Mike Dennis d. Jana & Johnny Knockout
Non-Tournament Matches
WSU Spirit Title Match
(c) Jessicka Havok d. Marti Belle
WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie d. Alicia & Brittney Savage
NWS Bonus Attraction Match
Gene Snitsky d. Vic Voorhies
Ezavel Suena & Jessie Brooks were both advertised to the show and did not appear. Both had transportation issues to the event and informed WSU late in the afternoon they could not appear. Both Brooks & Suena still remain in good standing with WSU.
– Dixie McGuire is a trainee through NWS’s program. Last night was her first match and she was asked to do the show once WSU realized they were two ladies short in the tournament. WSU has told McGuire they will give her a chance on a regular WSU show once she feels she is 100% ready.
– Nicollete The Monkey, a woman dressed in a monkey suit, will hopefully never return to WSU again, although several fans are already asking when they can see her again.
The DVD is already on sale for $15.00 at:
WSU Returns Live With Another DOUBLE DVD Taping on 4/28. Tickets are now on sale at After last night’s show, we can now announce more matches & events!
Here is the info on this event:
WSU J-Cup Double DVD Taping
Doors Open: 4PM
Belltime: 5:00 PM First Show, 7PM second show
NYWC Sportatorium
435-13 Brook Avenue
Deer Park, New York 11729
All Tickets $25,and gives you access to both shows.
Email [email protected] to order or order off or
Matches Announced For Taping One:
For the WSU World Title
(c) Jessicka Havok vs Mercedes Martinez
For the WSU Tag Team Titles
(c) Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie vs The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha)
Uncensored Rules Match
Tina San Antonio vs Marti Belle
J-Cup Tournament
The Winner Gets a WORLD TITLE Shot on the 2nd DVD Taping Against Havok/Martinez Winner
Annie Social vs Nikki Syx
Alicia vs Lexus
Athena vs Christina Von Eerie
Brittney Savage vs Ezavel Suena
Jennifer Cruz’s Queen Coronation Ceremony

Taping 2 Events

WSU World Title Match
Martinez/Havok Winner vs J-Cup Winner
Her Majesty Jennifer Cruz vs Jana
*Note if Jana becomes WSU Tag Team Champion, this match will still take place
Former Spirit Champion & Former #1 Contender to the WSU World Championship, RAIN, has promised to make a major announcement on 4/28. Rain is scheduled to compete on 4/28.
The winner of the J-Cup will face the winner of Havok/Martinez on the second taping. Matches for the second taping will take place based on the fall-out of the J-CUP event.
Also appearing on 4/28: Kimber Lee, Bones & Roses, Rick Cataldo, Amy Lee, Jon Harder & More!
***NOTE: As announced on the WSU twitter page, due to injuries and a family mater, April Hunter can not make this event. Hunter returns on 6/16 at the Uncensored Rumble.***
WSU filmed tons of brand new interviews and backstage segments last night. All this FREE footage with every one on the card will be uploaded to our official WSU YouTube Channel this week. Make sure to follow our twitter for live up-to-the-minute updates.
—- has released many new DVDS recently. We are proud to announce that the Mercedes Martinez shoot interview is now shipping!!!
These new titles include:
WSU 5 Year Anniversary Show iPPV DELUXE VERSION (Includes never before seen backstage footage and all the videos from Havok/Martinez leading to this event)
WSU Hall of Fame Class of 2012: Dixie Carter, Georgianne Makropolous, Jana & Cindy Rogers are all honored
SHOOT INTERVIEW with Mercedes Martinez
SHOOT INTERVIEW with Becky Bayless
Best of Mercedes Martinez Volume 2
Alicia & Brittney Savage FACE 2 FACE Shoot Interview
Best of Traci Brooks in WSU
Check out these titles and all the other titles at

For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) (Official Twitter Page with daily updates) (WSU’s FREE Video Channel)
Thank you for taking time out to read and spread the word.[/notice]

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