Friday, September 17, 2021

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WSU Promoter Addresses Serena Injury, Status of Match with Melina

WSU promoter Sean McCaffrey has issued a statement to Diva Dirt regarding Serena‘s status for the 11/19 Breaking Barriers II Internet pay per view, where she is due to face former WWE star Melina.

Serena announced last week that she is out of action indefinitely after suffering a “serious concussion”.

WSU tells us exclusively: “Right now, Serena is telling us that she wants to make 11/19 because of the marquee of the match. She has an MRI on Friday. If doctors tell her that there’s any chance she can make her injury worse, she won’t be able to do the match, as we won’t let her wrestle and she won’t do it either. Bottom line, Serena, like anyone on the WSU roster, has a life outside of wrestling, and we do not want to risk their long-term health for a short term financial gain.”

“As of right now, she isn’t off the show yet, but unless a doctor says something different on Friday, she will be off,” McCaffrey states.

Regarding former Divas Champion, Melina, he says: “We want to make it clear that Melina will 100% be there and wrestling.”

“We won’t be able to officially announce what we are doing until we hear back from Serena next weekend. There are back-up plans, and most likely that is what we are going with, because we’d rather a great match with Melina, than a match that could potentially damage Serena long-term and a match that would not live up to potential.”

“WSU has always prided ourselves in making our own stars and giving people opportunity, and if Serena can’t go on 11/19, someone on the WSU roster will get the highest profile match of their career. Opportunity is knocking, and we are looking for someone to answer.”

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