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WSU Weekend Results: Traci Brooks, Midwest Militia & More; Former WWE Divas Unable to Appear

WSU has released the following featuring results from its show over the weekend in conjunction with the NWS promotion in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, due to weather issues, former WWE Divas Molly Holly and Jillian Hall were unable to appear.

Check out the results and more news below:

[notice]STATE OF WSU For 1/23
– 1/21 “Blitzkreig” Results & News
– Tons of Free Videos Coming Soon
– Major Announcement Coming
– 5YA Show Tickets & iPPV Now on Sale
– Updated DVD Release Information
– New Shows Announced

WSU returned with our first show of the year on 1/21 with our big brother promotion, NWS. WSU would like to thank all our fans and wrestlers for making the event, as the northeast was hit with a snow storm. Unfortunately, due to the snow storm, Molly Holly, Latasha, Lexus & Jillian Hall were unable to make the event. We never want to false advertise and in our five years, we hope to have established that fact that we do good business all the time. Sometimes things are out of our control and it’s a risk to run shows in the winter time in the northeast. We apologize for these talents being unable to make the event. As a way to make up for it, we are going to sell this “BLITZKREIG” dvd for only $9.99 as opposed to the normal $14.99 price. These last few months have been rough due to talent injuries and now weather, but we promise to give you the best with what we have every time and we hope fans understand this information.

Jessicka Havok w/Sassy Stephanie & Allisyn Kay defeated Becky Bayless to retain the WSU Spirit Championship

Jenny Rose vs Jessie Brooks went to a 15 minute draw. After the match, Rick Cataldo debuted his new protege, Ezavel Suena. Suena & Cataldo attacked Rose & Brooks.

In an 8-Woman Tag Team One Fall to a Finish Bout, Tina San Antonio/Jennifer Cruz/Sassy Stephanie/Allisyn Kay defeated Marti Belle/Jana/Alicia/Brittney Savage when Tina

San Antonio pinned Marti Belle

In the main event, Traci Brooks & Alicia & Brittney Savage defeated The Mid-West Militia when Alicia pinned Sassy Stephanie


The show started off with WSU Spirit Champion & #1 Contender to the WSU World Title, Jessicka Havok and her Mid-West Militia running mates. Havok said that the MWM should always be in WSU main events and that they will take over WSU. Havok said she was sick of waiting for the show to start and called out Becky Bayless immediately. Havok made short work of the former TNA star, and cleanly and soundly defeated Becky after a “Demon Drop” (Air Raid Crash).

After the match, The Mid-West Militia all jumped Becky and looked like they were going to injure her, just like how they injured Mercedes Martinez. However, Alicia & Brittney Savage ran out to make the save for their friend.

Jessie Brooks & the former Jamilia Craft, now known as Jenny Rose wrestled to a 15 minute draw. This was easily the best match in either womans careers in WSU up to this point. While the crowd was chanting “5 More Minutes”, Rick Cataldo came out. Cataldo explained he was supposed to face Brooks, but was injured, but explained that he could beat Brooks and Rose for that matter. Brooks & Rose didn’t want to hear any of it, and laid out Cataldo. While Brooks & Rose were celebrating, a masked wrestler, dressed in all black jumped into the ring from the crowd. This new wrestler destroyed Brooks & Rose. Cataldo later explained that this new wrestler is “Ezavel Suena” and is his latest protege. will have a special video interview with this new tandem shortly.

In what was billed as a 10-woman tag team match, the match turned into an 8-woman tag team match due to travel issues from Latasha & Lexus. This was a wild match.

Jessicka Havok came out to interfere, but Alicia & Savage saw her right away. Savage/Alicia and the Mid-West Militia brawled all over the building and to the back, leaving Cruz/Tina vs Marti/Jana. The ending of this match saw Cruz and Jana going at it on the outside. Marti Belle looked like she was setting up a huge dive, only to be cut off and laid out by Tina, resulting in Tina San Antonio picking up a huge victory heading into the 5YA.

The WSU main event of the show saw Traci Brooks come out. Traci explained that Molly Holly & Jillian were unable to make the show due to transportation/flight/snow issues. Traci said she is a competitor and came here to wrestle anyway. The Mid-West Militia, who seem to be in everyone’s business, came out. While many thought we’d see Traci vs Havok, that was not to be as the entire Militia jumped Traci Brooks. Alicia & Brittney Savage, two out of the three biggest MWM rivals, came out to make the save and a 6-Woman Tag Team Match was made.

After a wild affair, Alicia was eventually able to pin Sassy Stephanie with an “A-Bomb” (michinoku driver) to close the show. This proved to be some level of revenge for the huge loss that the Mid-West Militia delivered to Team WSU at War Games.

The DVD of this show will be released in two weeks and will be priced at $9.99. Stay tuned for more.

With tons of talent in the house on 1/21, was able to catch up to all the stars of WSU. There will be tons of free videos coming to the WSU YouTube page shortly. We will announce these videos releases once they are out on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Stay tuned to the WSU youtube channel for more, as we caught up with everyone. A major match between Becky Bayless & Jennifer Cruz was announced as a result of a locker room altercation which you will see in these upcoming videos.

TOMORROW NIGHT (1/24) WSU will announce a working agreement/talent exchange with a major womens wrestling promotion. We will break this news tomorrow on our Twitter page around 10PM. STAY TUNED!

WSU will announce a complete card for the WSU 5YA Show later this week. Several matches and promotional materials have been released already at

You can also pre-order the iPPV at:

Stay tuned this THURSDAY for the complete announcement. Tickets are already on sale and limited front row tickets remain.

WSU filmed a special “Face 2 Face” Shoot Interview with Alicia & Brittney Savage. We hope to release this DVD in two weeks and will sell/ship out this DVD with Blitzkreig on the Monday after the Superbowl. Stay tuned for more details on these upcoming releases on


WSU is proud to announce we have released two special DVDs on, for only $9.99 each. The first title is “Best of 2011” and is our yearly compilation DVD of all the best matches of 2011.

You can view the match listings for Best of 2011 at:

You can view the cover art for Best of 2011 at:

We have also put together the best matches of Traci Brooks in WSU on one DVD as well.

You can view the match listings for Best of Traci Brooks at:

You can view the cover art for the Best of Traci Brooks at:

To order, view

Upcoming WSU EVENTS:
3/3/12, “The Fifth Anniversary Show” iPPV from Deer Park, NY
JUST ADDED 4/14/12 “King & Queen of the Ring Tournament” from Dunnellen, NJ (NWS Joint Show)
4/28 “J-Cup Tournament” iPPV from Deer Park, NY
6/16, “Uncensored Rumble V” iPPV from Deer Park, NY
Stay tuned to the updated and your email as we will announce more details on everything WSU. Make sure to follow us on Twitter at as we always provide live updates and breaking news.

For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.[/notice]

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