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10 Best WWE Homegrown Talents

Victoria, 449 matches (Indies+WWE+TNA) 2000-2009.

WWE’s forgotten golden girl. Victoria is in my opinion the best home-grown Diva, Superstar, whatever, on the women’s side ever. She could sell, she had cool and impressive moves, her character was so on point; she could be a psycho who bites finger nails to happy to be here to a goofy heel and transition while making it look natural. Her finisher, The Widow’s Peak, is still, second to the Eclipse, the best finisher I’ve seen in women’s wrestling. So simple and devastating. While never “The Woman”, she had a big hand in making Trish look as good as she did with hard hitting traditional matches, to Chicago Streetfights and Hardcore matches. Jazz may have made Trish look sympathetic, Molly made her look plucky and an underdog, Victoria made her look like both, but also tough. Victoria went from a ho going through tables to one of two women wrestlers getting thrown into cages by Lita. She spent her last two or so years jobbing to up and coming women, but it takes a really good talent to do the job and make people like (no shade) some of these diva search contestants look good. She made Candice Michelle look like a threat to Melina in 2007. She made Michelle McCool and Torrie Wilson look like her equal in 2007-8, she gave Kelly Kelly and Maria the best matches of their early career and then left and put over Michelle McCool again. She is a gem, and it’s utter rubbish the WWE hasn’t put her in the Hall of Fame, and pretty much has iced her out.

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