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10 Best WWE Homegrown Talents

Alicia Fox, 788 matches, 2006-2019.

Alicia Fox’s career in WWE happened because Johnny Ace saw her in a magazine. He liked her looks and offered a job in WWE, alongside Kelly Kelly. Unlike Kelly, however, Foxy was sent straight to development at OVW under her real name, Victoria Crawford. Competing alongside greats like ODB, Katie Lea, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and company really helped her early in her career. She debuted on Smackdown as a “wedding planner” for Edge and Vickie Guererro, who Edge seduced. After disappearing for a while , she came back under a dancer gimmick with DJ Gabriel, and she dance fought? It just didn’t make much sense, but she did have a series of matches with Katie Lea that showed she was getting there, but not there yet. She came back a year later and became the Fox we know her as. She was sassy, crazy, funny, piranha, undefined, and a captain. She took moves like the woman delivering it was intent on killing her. She was tall and graceful and to watch her go was thing of beauty. Another thing of beauty? Her Northern Lights Suplex and Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker. Very fast and agile as well as deceptively strong, Foxy was one who should have gotten more than she did in WWE.

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