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10 Best WWE Homegrown Talents

Michelle McCool, 171 matches, 2004-2011; 2018.

FLAWLESS! Michelle McCool entered the world of WWE in 2004, via the Diva Search. While the contest was much maligned, there were some solid women to come from it. Proof positive; Michelle. The clear successor to Trish Stratus in terms of “Golden Girl” appeal to the brass, she took to wrestling relatively easily and quickly. Within three years of her debut doing limbo, pie eating, and the unspeakable “Diva Dodgeball”, Michelle showed is she could go in the ring against the likes of Jillian Hall on Smackdown. The first woman to hold the WWE Women’s and Diva’s Championship, she subsequently found herself as half of the most visible tandem in the women’s division; Laycool. She was funny, she was mean (her imitation of Bret Hart is still my favourite), and her in-ring style just got better and better. Look no further than her match with Melina where they got in trouble for being “too good”. She left us after a string of injuries that she wrestled through in 2011, ending Laycool, but she did come back in 2018 and set a Royal Rumble record with 5 eliminations. Flawless…!

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