Sunday, August 14, 2022

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10 Longest Reigning Modern Champions

AJ Lee, WWE Diva’s Title, 296 days, 6/13/13-4/7/14; 13 defences

AJ Lee
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Speaking of AJ. The ”Pocket Rocket” as dubbed by Wade Barrett came into the WWE with the odds stacked against her. In the age of glamour over talent, AJ wasn’t perceived as attractive, but she persevered. When she got her title win over Kaitlyn at Payback in a fantastic match, she made people care about the Diva’s Title again. In her historic reign, she was able to defeat every single active woman on the Main Roster…in the same night, and she did it all her way, and on her own merits. Not to mention she was able to verbally bury half of them on a regular basis. She was good in the ring and on the mic and a joy to watch as she skipped her way into history.

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