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10 Longest Reigning Modern Champions

Bayley, Smackdown Women’s Title, 380 days, 10/11/19-10/25/2020; 16 defences

Bayley has been SmackDown women's champion for one whole year
Credit: WWE

Speaking of longest-reigning, we come to the longest-running Smackdown Women’s Champion…Bayley. She defeated Charlotte Flair and underwent a metamorphosis wherein she was able to successfully turn heel while beginning her reign as a babyface, and thank God she did. She consistently has been appointment television. She has defeated Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans, she retained over the likes of Asuka and Sasha Banks and she also managed to gain the Women’s Tag Team Championship during her reign. While being consistently entertaining and well-rounded, she elevated the Smackdown Women’s Championship to new heights.

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