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10 Longest Reigning Modern Champions

Women in the ring have been a huge part of people’s lives for at least 80 years. Over those 80 years, we remember a wide variety of women in various promotions who can call themselves ”Champion” since the days of Mildred Burke. Women used to be an aspect of the show, now in many cases, they are the draw. In the past 20 years, women’s wrestling in North America has reached new heights, and so have their champions.

Nowadays, wrestling has become obsessed with how many days a title has been held, not the stories or matches that go into the reigns. Some reigns, mercifully, are short, like the failed experiment with the Women’s Title in 2003 when Jazz’s second reign ended, or the head-scratching reigns of Debra and Moolah in 1999. Others are long and lengthy, and the quality varies. In scouring to find these long reigns, I wanted to find feds and companies where the Women’s Title can be reliably checked and where the title was regularly defended.

So for these reasons, titles like those for WCW and NWA will not count. So…To whom do these long runs belong? Will we see an AEW Women’s Champion make the list? A WWE? Divas? RAW? Smackdown? Will an NXT Champion appear? Let’s look!

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