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50 Sexiest Divas 2010: Group A

It’s back! Welcome to the third annual 50 Sexiest Divas competition! What is your definition of sexy? Each year, we find out in our countdown of the sexiest women in wrestling as voted solely by you. For the past two years, WWE’s Melina has taken the top spot — will she make it a three-peat? Let’s get started…


We have compiled 100 names from the world of women’s wrestling that have had some prominence in 2010 thus far. Whether it be in WWE, TNA or independent promotions like SHIMMER, Wrestlicious etc. We have also taken into consideration, for the first time, coverage on Diva Dirt. These 100 women have in the past six months either contributed on television, in the ring or made the headlines here at Diva Dirt. This year, we have taken serious consideration to not include older names that are no longer focused in the wrestling industry to allow a more accurate 50 Sexiest Divas list that we feel is representative of 2010.

The 100 women who have made our longlist have been randomly placed in five groups (Groups A-E), with 20 women in each group. For the next five weeks, we will give you a chance to vote for your favourite woman in each group. From each group, the 10 Divas with the most votes will secure a place in the top 50, and the 10 with the least votes will be cut. Once you have voted for every group, we will have the 50 Divas who will make up the ‘Sexiest’ list for 2010… but it doesn’t stop there! You will then vote for your favourite woman in the top 50 to secure their place in the chart. This is when you’ll decide who is #1 all the way up to #50.

Vote now for Group A:


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