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A Future WWE: The FCW Story is featured on the WWE Network

In preparation for WrestleMania in Tampa, Fla. – WWE has put together the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) story. Having the show of all shows take place in Tampa makes it for some Superstars a full circle moment.

Before the WWE Performance Center and NXT, we had FCW which was WWE’s developmental program that was started by Steve Keirn. This came after the affiliation with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) ceased. FCW existed from 2007 through most of 2012. Due to its five year tenure, it housed as a start to many careers we still see today.

In the feature, many female talents that are still heavily used in the company were interviewed. This list includes Natalya, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Hall of Fame inductees The Bella Twins.

Current coach for WWE and prior in-ring talent Serena Deeb was amongst the interviewees. She is also a former Queen of FCW under the name Mia Mancini. Other women featured but were not part of the interviews were Paige, Naomi, and Shaul Guerrero. Naomi being the first-ever FCW Women’s Champion.

The documentary discusses the start of training in the Florida heat-induced warehouse surrounded by canned vegetables. A warehouse that was just down the street of Raymond James Stadium where WrestleMania 36 is about to be held in Tampa. It delves into the physical training, the promo training, and even where the Superstars got their ring names. By the end, it explains the transition from FCW to what we know today as NXT.

Check out this highly informative behind the scenes story now on the WWE Network.

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