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ACW 2nd Annual American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament Results

ACW held its second annual American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament yesterday and Diva Dirt reader John Hyperion was on hand. Read his complete report below:

This past Sunday in San Antonio, Texas ACW put on yet another phenomenal American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament. There were several shocks and surprises, but more importantly there were many great matches featuring some of the best in wrestling today. The results are as follows:

It was announced earlier online that Nicole Matthews could not make the show tonight due to G20 security issues. Apparently, throwing stars are frowned upon by customs.

Internet Exclusive Pre-Show:
* Lilie Mae, Slim Sexy, and James Claxton defeated “Five Star” Amanda Fox, and The Dynasty of Perfection – Amanda Fox is a wrestler to look out for down the road. Very young but already showing lots of potential.

* The Submission Squad defeated The Smurf Nation and Brent Masters – The male members of the Submission Squad got on the mic post match to put over Athena as she made her way out. However, the guys all ran to the back in terror as soon as MsChif made her way down the stairs which led to the first match of the tournament.

Main Show:
1. MsChif defeated Athena via pinfall with the Desecrator to advance to the Semi-Finals of the Tournament – Very strong opening match. The crowd was wowed multiple times by MsChif’s moves and bendability. Athena proved that she could hang with one of the top women in the country.

2. Portia Perez defeated Daizee Haze via Referee Stoppage with a brutal Side Choke to advance to the Semi-Finals of the Tournament – Another solid match that with a vicious ending as Portia forces Haze to pass out. At this point, Portia has already gotten Drunk Guy and much of the crowd very riled up.

3. Jessica James defeated Sara Del Rey by submission with a Rear Naked Choke to advance to the Semi-Finals of the Tournament – Jessica knew what she was up against and immediately attacked Del Rey with all she had, including a dive to the outside. Her best didn’t seem like it would be enough though as Death Rey responded with one of her most vicious beat downs to date. SDR’s cockiness got the best of her as James found an opening and, in desperation, capitalized for the huge upset. This is a match to buy the DVD for. Easily the best match of James’ young career and one of the better matches I’ve seen Del Rey put on (which says a lot). This was every bit as good as I expected Nicole vs SDR to be, with the added bonus of a totally unexpected, but believable, finish.

4. Daffney defeated Rachel Summerlyn (c) via pinfall after the Daffknees to capture the American Joshi Title and to advance to the Semi-Finals of the Tournament – This match lived up to my expectations from these two long time rivals. Daffney seemed legit emotional upon being awarded the belt. Rachel continues to improve herself and even her gear is a bit loose compared to when she first got it around last year’s tourney.

5. Robert Evans (w/ Super Electro) (c) defeated Matt Fitchett via submission with the Arm Sharpshooter to retain the U-30 Title – For you weirdos into men’s wrestling this was incredible stuff, every bit as innovative and intense as the best in Ring of Honor. Robert Evans has everything it takes to be a star in any of the major companies. Sidenote: he’s also a bit in love with fellow Canadian Portia Perez.

6. Portia Perez defeated MsChif via Submission by Side Choke to advance to the Finals of the Tournament – Portia began by taunting Chif with her SHIMMER Tag Team Title and saying, “I still have MY belt.” The laughs were over at that point as both girls tore into each other for another of the tournament’s breathtaking matches. Post-Match Robert Evans (w/ Super Electro) came out to say he will take Nicole’s place as her corner person in the final. This continued a refreshing pattern of respect by male wrestlers towards the Joshi in ACW. Of course, Portia Perez took this special moment to spit on Drunk Guy for being mouthy.

7. Jessica James defeated Daffney (c) via pinfall during a rolling cradle pin exchange to win the American Joshi title and advance to the Finals of the Tournament – Portia Perez came out, yes 90 seconds after leaving, to attack James pre-match which put her at a huge disadvantage early on. Jessica did manage to pull off another upset, but for some reason she was completely unemotional after the big win. While we were all wondering why she had a vacant look in her eye Portia Freakin’ Perez came out and attacked her AGAIN. This time with the help of Robert Evans and Super Electro. It was not clear at this point how much of Jessica James would left for the final. Elements of the crowd were in near riot mode because of Perez’z heinous actions.

8. “Showtime” Scott Summers and JT Lamotta went to a Time-Limit Draw – Showtime got streamers while JT Lamotta was showered with tampons by the women of ACW. Their fans are a unique bunch, and this was another all male, but still very good, match.

9. Childs, Dell, Spiro, Electro and Khris Wolfe defeated “Leonardo” Vexx, “Michaelangelo” ACH, “Raphael” Pliskin, “Donatello” Palmer and Masters “Splinter” – I spent much of the match running in fear from this ACW signature multi-person brawl. TMNT fans rejoice! All the faces came out wearing turtles T-Shirts and bandannas. The crowd even held a sing-a-long to the turtles theme!

Portia then made her way back to the ring for the finals, but it didn’t look like she’d have an opponent. As the last chords of “I’m Just A Girl” played, it seemed Jessica James would forfeit the Tournament final due to her injuries. Before the ref had a chance to raise Portia’s hand Lady Poison, Jessica James’ venomous alter ego, came out for the final surprise and final match of the night.

10. Portia Perez (w/ Robert Evans and Super Electro) defeated Lady Poison (c) via pinfall with a Superkick to win the ACW American Joshi Title and the 2010 American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament – It was spectacularly satisfying to see Lady Poison come out and immediately begin brutalizing Portia all over the venue. Portia met sheet rock, concrete, and steel in a comeuppance that would make Allison Danger proud. Portia finally resorted to outside distractions and shenanigans to capture all the gold and take it back home to Canadia, somehow making it through the crowd to the back in one piece.

This was all around excellent with impressive showings by all involved. ACW is a special company as it offers some of the best male talent in the country and at the same time gives the women equal respect. Add in a unique crowd, a distaste for rules, and a love of beer and you have something in Texas that you won’t quite find anywhere else. I highly recommend that all wrestling fans give ACW a shot. Whether you’re an ECW nostalgic, an elite indie follower, or a women’s wrestling fanatic you will find something on this DVD, and many of their DVDs to enjoy. Check out the official website for links to their store, Twitter, Facebook, and their best in wrestling YouTube channel which has tons of matches and hilarious interviews.

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