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AEW Dark to start airing dark matches on Tuesday

Cody Rhodes announced this weekend that AEW Dark will begin this Tuesday. The program will feature matches that will not be shown on Dynamite. The new show will be hosted by Tony Schiavone and available on the official All Elite Wrestling YouTube channel.

The first program will feature the four dark matches from their first Dynamite episode. One occurred before, and three that took place after Dynamite went off the air.

One match highlighted the women’s division in a tag team match that saw Dr. Britt Baker and Allie take on Bea Priestley and Penelope Ford. AEW seems to be making Britt Baker the star of the division and therefore it seems rather confusing that she was not featured more heavily on their debut show. Baker did join the commentary booth during the AEW Women’s Championship match but to very little effect.

Baker and Allie would pick up the win. Baker delivered a Rings of Saturn/Mandible Claw combination.

AEW Dark is a great way to highlight more of their female roster especially as they only had one women’s match on their debut show. In that match Riho best Nyla Rose to be crowned the inaugural AEW Women’s Champion. Hopefully, the added exposure can tighten up the direction of AEW’s women’s roster as it has felt rather misguided since its inception.

Although AEW seems to be a little misguided so far with their women’s roster, WWE could take note over airing these dark matches. Over the summer, WWE would have many dark matches for the women that seemed to be more intriguing than what they were producing on tv.

How do you feel about AEW Dark and it’s women’s division as a whole? Let us know below.

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