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Alba Fyre Crashes Toxic Attraction’s One-Year Celebration

There’s no doubt that Toxic Attraction has dominated the NXT women’s division since NXT 2.0 was launched. On this week’s episode, NXT 2.0 was celebrating one year since the brand was morphed into a new era when Alba Fyre interrupted.

Fyre comes to the ring with a mic in hand ultimately making her demand on becoming the new NXT Women’s Champion. She backed Rose into the ropes with her bat before taking out all three members including delivering a gory bomb to the champion. Fyre went up top to likely hit a senton but Rose was pulled out of the ring by the rest of Toxic Attraction.

With the championship belt still in the ring, Fyre eyed it up but Rose recovered it before she could get to it. Fyre wasn’t the only woman to stand up to Rose on this week’s episode. The NXT Women’s Champion had a verbal altercation with Fallon Henley backstage earlier in the night.

Henley had a match against Lash Legend in which she pulled out a victory after delivering a shining wizard knee strike. Afterward, in a backstage segment, she joined Briggs & Jensen. Rose was mocking Jensen as Henley came to his aide.

The other match on the show was a tag team bout which had Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark taking on Kiana James and Arianna Grace. Lyons and Stark would pick up the win after Stark first hit a Z-360 on Grace before Lyons delivered a kick followed by a split-legged leg drop to get the pin.

As for other women on the show, Cora Jade had a video promo where she tore down at least a good half of the NXT women’s division. She focuses on Wendy Choo at the end and the two have a match booked for next week. Choo had a backstage interview later and was interrupted by Lash Legend. Jade is focused on growing the Generation of Jade and by this time next year expects to be the be the number one woman in the entire industry.

A new vignette was aired for Sol Ruca. Last week, a short vignette aired that showed Ruca was coming soon to NXT 2.0. More was shown on the new vignette taking a better look at the newcomer.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of NXT.

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