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Alexa Bliss to launch her podcast named Uncool on Sept. 22

WWE has announced that Alexa Bliss will be hosting her new podcast every Tuesday starting on September 22. The name of the podcast is titled “Uncool.”

The premise of the show will be Bliss hosting guests such as other WWE Superstars or celebrities that will “discuss their most nostalgic, cringeworthy, and laugh-out-loud moments from before their fame and success.”

The show will kick off with The Miz with other guests down the road such as: The Bella Twins, Lance Bass, Ryan Cabrera, Taylor Hanson, Nikki Glaser, and more.

Bliss has the following to say about the podcast:

“Uncool will take listeners down memory lane by reliving embarrassing, quirky tween moments and reminiscing about younger years while offering laughs along the way,” said Bliss. “Fans will get to see just how cool it is to be uncool.”

Stephanie McMahon sent out a tweet as well to promote WWE’s newest podcast. It will be available on all audio streaming services.

What are your thoughts on the “Uncool” podcast with Alexa Bliss? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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