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Alicia Fox may be finished with WWE

Alicia Fox has been moved to the Alumni roster on Fox has been with WWE since 2006 when she signed to then developmental territory, OVW. She joins many other former superstars on the list, which has many speculating that she is no longer with the company.

Fox hasn’t been seen on WWE since the RAW Reunion as a returning legend in July. In September it was rumored that she was working creative backstage with Eric Bischoff to create weekly content for SmackDown. This was never confirmed by WWE nor Fox. Could Bischoff’s recent departure have led to her profile being moved to the Alumni section?

Fox was also on thin ice back in February by performing under the influence of alcohol, which led to the dismissal of Arn Anderson. Anderson was fired from WWE and it was rumored that this was after allowing Fox to wrestle while intoxicated at a live event. According to the report, Anderson was the agent who produced Fox’s match. Despite seeing that the former Divas Champion was inebriated, he let her wrestle.

Fox nor WWE have officially announced her in-ring retirement at this time.

What are some of your favorite moments from Alicia Fox? Let us know in the comment section.

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