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Aloisia Unsure Why She Was Cut from NXT, Says ‘Every Other Diva’ Has Racy Photos

Former NXT Rookie, Aloisia, has gone on record once again, this time in an interview with Brian Fritz, speaking about the speculation surrounding her being cut from NXT before the show even began. Aloisia, real name Lindsay Hayward, also makes the suggestion that ‘every other Diva’ has either racy photos or pornographic photos out there. Excerpt below:

“Supposedly, there was some leaked information from WWE officials,” says Aloisia. “I don’t remember exactly which blog first came out with it but then it spread like wildfire. I just felt to gain control of the situation, I had to address it.”

As for whether or not the photos were the reason she was taken off NXT, she — along with most people — still doesn’t know.

“They may have, they may have not. I really have no say. I do know it’s a PG era for the WWE. I also know that every other diva has had some photos — racy photos or even pornography photos — that are out there of them. I really can’t say.”

You can read the full article here.

For what it’s worth, Aloisia is still under a developmental deal with WWE and we all know how they are with their talent and speaking to the media. It looks as though this interview wasn’t arranged through WWE, and I would question how politically wise some of Aloisia’s comments (both in her blog and interviews) are to her WWE career.

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