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Amale Delivers Hope; Satomura Has Words For Isla Dawn

This week on NXT UK saw Xia Brookside deliver, somewhat, on her promise from last week that someone was getting ‘battered’. Running to the ring with Eliza Alexander by her side, NXT UK’s ‘brat’ Xia did her best to ignore the boos sent her way and subsequent cheers for her opponent: Angel Hayze.

The two competed fairly evenly throughout the match to the point that Eliza was concerned enough to get involved, jumping up on the apron. This prompted Angel to swipe her off but the distraction proved pivotal as Xia rolled her up for the three count.

Likely wanting revenge for the earlier shot, Eliza earns her keep by attacking Angel Hayze with Xia Brookside and this new alliance begins to demonstrate their brutality. Before too long, however, Amale comes running to the ring and the duo swiftly back off, not wanting anything to do with their first victim. Amale screams in the ring, demanding the two return while also checking on Angel.

In a Digital Exclusive, a visibly disappointed Angel takes the opportunity to thank Amale for having her back, receiving some words of encouragement from the French Hope.

Also this week, we got to see Meiko Satomura respond to Isla Dawn’s recent promo with a vignette of her own as we inch ever closer to their World of Darkness match, next week.

Meiko warns Isla Dawn that the black mist was a mistake and that going in to the World of Darkness match, Meiko isn’t looking to beat Isla Dawn; she’s looking to hurt her. We have seen Isla Dawn collecting trinkets to build her power but the Final Boss is not concerned, reminding Isla that she has already beat her. This match has become personal for Meiko and she intends to pay back in kind.

We also learn that NXT 2.0’s Lash Legend will be appearing on ‘Sprnova Sessions’ with Noam Dar. How will the Lashing Out host handle being on someone else’s show?

Authors Take –

Having Meiko Satomura cut a promo and respond to Isla adds legitimacy to their upcoming battle. I love the personal feel behind it and am very excited to see these two face off once more.

Xia Brookside and Eliza Alexander’s pairing does work for me as Xia has not been delivering on the promo side of things and I am a big fan of giving Amale, arguably the second top babyface after Meiko, something to do while the title is tied up elsewhere.

What did you think of Xia vs Angel? What will come out of Lash Legend’s appearance next week? Sound off in the comments!

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