Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Amber O’Neal’s ArenaChicks Releases First DVD

ArenaChicks, the promotion spearheaded by Amber O’Neal, has released its first DVD entitled ‘ArenaChicks Volume 1’ and as you can see, it has some pretty snazzy artwork!

Card below:

1. Allison Danger vs. Mia Svenson
2. Sassy Stephie vs. Fantasia
3. Divina Fly vs. Kristen Flake
4. “Australian Football Rules” Mixed Tag Match
Amber O’Neal & Chiva Kid vs. Kellie Skater & Coach Gemini
5. Sara Del Rey vs. Allison Danger
6. Angel Orsini vs. Jessica Havok
7. “The Dating Game Match”
Winners go on all expenses paid date
Sassy Stephie, Brittney Force, Cecil Scott & Michael McAllister vs. Angel Orsini, Divina Fly, Ben Tyler & Roo-D Lewis


* Winners of the “Dating Game Match” go on their date
* Tribute to Sherri Martel 8-Women Tag Match
Amber O’Neal, Allison Danger, Persephone & Talia Madison vs. Cindy Rogers, GeeStar, Alere Little Feather & Becky Bayless

Click here to purchase.

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