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Angela Primed For Main Roster… But Not Where You’d Think


Over the weekend we reported that FCW’s Angela Fong was on the road with the Raw brand & the possible upside that could have to a main roster callup. Well there’s good news and bad news; Angela is being groomed for the main roster but not as a full-fledged, ass-kicking Diva.

The Diva has been working as a ring announcer filling in for Lilian Garcia and could be brought up in such a capacity. Now, as we also reported, WWE is looking for a new female announcer but that spot could be filled by Angela.

From what I’ve been told, the main duty of the fourth set of lungs would be to take over announcing duties for the WWE Superstars show. Currently the set-up is each brand’s announcer doing the honours for their respective matches, but that doesn’t look good for continuity. Having one announcer would even the flow. She would also be used to help out if & when necessary on the other brands.

Being a girl and thinking about these things, it’s funny to note that WWE Superstars is taped over two nights – Monday and Tuesday, which means if WWE wants to keep up continuity, Angela or whoever they may hire – would have to wear the same outfit on both nights! Okay so technically not a big deal, but just a thought!

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