Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Are You A Blogista?


Today is a day of change, hope and makin’ history. And Diva Dirt is getting in on the action. We are looking for blogistas, someone who encompasses everything it takes to be a top blogger! Erin, Josie and I put a lot of time and effort into Diva Dirt but we got lives too, you know? Not to mention, momma’s gotta take some maternity leave…

Anyway, we are looking for dynamic, self-confident writers who think they can add some extra spark to Diva Dirt. We may hire one person or we may hire a dozen, we just want the best. I’ve always envisioned that Diva Dirt would be a place that had many bloggers not just two, contributing different opinions – even if they do clash. As Josie has likened us to, a bit like The View.

If you have an opinion, good writing and decent website skills, why not drop us a line and let us know you have what it takes to be a blogista!

Details on how to apply are after the cut. And please, make it snappy because we’d like some people ASAP!

E-mail us at [email protected] with the following:

– Basic details about you (name, age, where you live)
– Your favourite Diva(s) and why
– Why you’re a blogista
– Tell us about your previous web experience (fansites, blogs etc., examples welcome)
– One or two examples of your writing

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