Sunday, August 7, 2022

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Ariane Andrew and Christina Crawford Re-added to FCW Website

The FCW website has officially re-added the profiles of both Tough Enough alumni, Christina Crawford and Ariane Andrew as of this morning.

Last week, Andrew’s profile was removed just days after her addition to the site, but it looks as if they just placed her on the site too soon.

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Meanwhile, Christina has been re-added to the site after her profile was taken down earlier this year when she gave up her developmental contract to take part in Tough Enough.

Ariane is going by the name Cameron Lynn in FCW, while Christina has re-assumed her pre-Tough Enough name, Caylee Turner.

You can check out their profiles and new pictures at the following links: Caylee Turner, Cameron Lynn.

WWE recently released Sonia from her developmental deal.

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