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Ashley Does Playboy Again

We’ve been on a detox from this trick for a little while but she’s finally doing something post-worthy. In her best English (it’s like dressing for Sunday church for Ash, don’t judge), Ashley Massaro pretty much reveals that she’ll be getting it all out for Playboy once again. Because we’re all just begging to see her rock hard titties again:

So I know from my last blog you guys are wanting to know about the big ole secret ;o) well youll find out soon enough I promise…and in the mean time, I can give you a little hint at a piece of wonderful news I got the other day. I’ll give you a few guesses. Heres your hint, k….it was awesome that I had an opp to do it last time and I loved it…..n….it starts with a capital P

I wonder if she used her ‘feminine wiles’ to bag her this cover? Lord knows Hef’s in a vulnerable state after being dumped by his head ho, Holly Madison. It’s not like her first cover was much of a success, if I remember correctly, it was the worst selling of the Divas. I wonder how much confidence that must instill considering WWE won’t be pushing this one down our throats? Ashley also writes that she has a ‘big secret’ to reveal, it turns out that all of Hugh Hefner’s Girls Next Door are moving on and he’s shopping for some new bunnies to live with him and star on the E! show, could our beloved (Tr)Ash be in the running?

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