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Asuka Gets Victory Heading Into Title Bout, Shotzi Costs Bayley


On the Sept. 15 episode of SmackDown, Asuka went one-on-one with Bayley as a precursor to her WWE Women’s Championship match next week. Dakota Kai was at ringside for Bayley but the champ IYO SKY was not present.

The match ended up spilling to the outside as Bayley worked her way out of an armbar. After planting Asuka face first into the ring apron, Bayley had control. She took her over to the barricade and tossed her down before clearing off the announce desk.

Bayley returned to Asuka at the barricade but Shotzi would pop up from the other side and scare her. Shotzi chased Bayley back into the ring which led to Asuka getting the victory off of a backslide.

Post match backstage in a Digital Exclusive, Bayley and Dakota explain that Bayley keeps getting interrupted in her matches by Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and Shotzi. She calls them bullies because they know that Kai is injured and Damage CTRL is currently outnumbered.

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