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Attack of the Killer Khaki

Beth Phoenix in “Killer in Khaki”

We’re debuting a new format for our Eye Candy posts – complete with more detailed critiques and “graded” categories. View the photoshoot we’ve “hung” on our wall, read our critique, vote, and last but not least – sound off in the comments!

The Look: A safari-style dress (especially in khaki) is far from the most flattering piece of clothing – too many pockets and ties – and on curvy body like Beth’s it looks even more ill-fitting. The shoes are cute, and her hair looks fabulous, but the khaki dress is the meat of the look, and takes the whole thing down with it. Grade: C+

The Poses: Using a stool as a photoshoot prop has been done before, but Beth make it her own, looking sexy and casual as she lounges on it. Her serious faces look ultra hot – finally in keeping with her character! It’s simple and effective, but would probably work even better with a sexier dress. In this look, it just doesn’t gel as well as it could. Nevertheless, I still love the poses. Grade: B

Uniqueness: Like I said before, the stool thing has been done before, but the minimalistic thing is unique in its own right – Beth’s look is simple, even if the dress is lacking. Her bedhead hair and relaxed posing is a kind of casual sexy that you don’t see too often in the WWE. Grade: B+

Overall: The posing, makeup, and hair all point towards a sexy, relaxed mood. The dress is the killer, however. Hm.. I can see the reasoning behind the photoshoot’s name now.. Grade: B-

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