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Awesome Kong Files Lawsuit Against Bubba the Love Sponge

TNA Knockout, Awesome Kong has filed a lawsuit against Bubba the Love Sponge and cell carrier AT&T after receiving a threatening phone call from an unidentified number. Courthouse News Service reports:

Stevens claims Clem called her at her Tampa home from a blocked number at 5 a.m. on Feb. 10. She says the caller said, “‘This is Bubba the Love Sponge here at (and at this point the caller named a radio station’ and then alluded to the fact that the call was being broadcast on the radio. “The caller then started talking in a stream, threatening to come to the petitioner’s house and ‘sucker punch’ her until she stopped breathing and then said, ‘You’ll be dead like all those other niggers in Haiti you fat black bitch … Fuck Haiti!”

Stevens claims that when she did not respond, “the male who had identified himself as ‘Bubba the Love Sponge’ stated ‘What d’ya think about that, Monkey Kong?’ … ‘What? Those big fat Jimmy Walker lips ain’t talking shit now, huh?'”

Kong is also going after AT&T after they refused to provide her the number when requested. To read the full details click here.

If true, it’s such a shame that after the whole unfortunate incident was dead and buried, Bubba tries to go after her again some weeks later. The act of a coward is making a threatening phone call with a witheld number. It’s all well and good to hide behind a phone, but I doubt he’d ever have the balls to say that to Kong in person.

His disgusting comments above are just proof of what a lowlife he is and I hope Kong gets justice for not only her but millions of African-Americans who will no doubt be offended by these heinous comments. It’s mind blowing to think racism still exists in 2010.

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