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AZM Wants “Overseas Experience” And To Reunite With IYO SKY

STARDOM’s AZM has stated that she would like to wrestle overseas and outside of Japan. The 21 year old has already made a huge name for herself within the STARDOM promotion. She is a former two-time High Speed Champion and a three-time Artist of Stardom Champion.

In an article with Tokyo Sports, AZM states that she wants overseas experience and to one day reconnect with her mentor, WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY. She also commented on Kairi Sane’s return.

As she celebrated her 10 years since her debut (at the age of 11), AZM said, “When I thought about where I wanted to go next, I decided that since I had never left Japan, I would like to have some experience overseas.”

On Nov. 18, AZM has laid out a challenge for the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship to the current title holder, Giulia. AZM wants to win that gold and give it as a gift to her mentor, IYO SKY.

“For me, IYO-san is a god. Before IYO-san went to WWE, she wrote in an article somewhere, ‘AZM is amazing. Age hasn’t quite caught up with her yet, but she’s getting stronger, so I want her to do her best.’ I almost cried when I read that. She is the one who gave me the opportunity to grow.”

In 2017, at the age of 14, AZM joined Queen’s Quest which at the time, IYO was the leader of.

“In the past, when we teamed up, I was so anxious to not embarrass IYO-san, but now I stand confidently both by her side and across her. But first, I’m going to win this belt (NJPW STRONG Women’s Title) and show IYO-san just how big I’ve become!”

Transcript and Translation credit to Himanshu Doi on X.

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