Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Backstage Tension at SmackDown?

Jim Ross is never one to mince words and now we have some juicy gossip from under that big ole hat thing (Sorry, I forgot the actual saying). JR is known for ‘outing’ backstage happenings through his blog, most recently noting that newer Superstars are usually seen talking in catering or trying to score a date with a Diva rather than approaching the legends and trying to get ahead in the biz. So it was just a matter of time till his direction turned to the Divas! In his latest blog, Jim writes:

Do you know the most cunning and dangerous area of the SmackDown arena before show time? That’s easy; it’s the Diva locker rooms. I’m hearing some interesting stories coming out of those locker rooms and they are not overly flattering. Something big may be brewing in Divaland.

Seems all is not well in the SmackDown lockerroom, who do you think is starting the fight? We have some very strong headed Divas on SmackDown: Michelle, Maryse, Victoria and Natalya. Or maybe even Eve or Maria or the Bella Twins? And what exactly is it that our girls are quarelling about? One could argue that the blue-brand Divas are in a very plum position at the moment. Their product is miles ahead of that of their Raw counterparts. Actual storylines, consistent matches on a weekly basis… What’s to complain about?

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