Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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Bad Girls Wear Black

It seems as though Katie Lea and Michelle McCool‘s heel personas have manifested themselves into their wardrobe, as both are donning head-to-toe black in their latest photoshoots, “Fringe Benefits” and “Fur Your Eyes Only”, respectively. Katie Lea’s going for a rock star look, with the blonde strands of hair, leather pants, wristbands, thigh-high boots and a fringed top. Speaking of that top, the beads and crocheted look would look too hippy in any other color, so it’s a good thing it’s black. It keeps it more in an Aerosmith territory rather than Woodstock. Michelle’s sporting a fur vest layered over a tinier vest, paired with black pants and accessories to keep the look dark. I think the fur looks silly in vest form, as the “cooling” function is pretty much useless sans sleeves. But I know, I know.. It’s about the “look”, not the function. I mean, why else would these two heels be dressing like they’re extras in one of the Underworld movies?

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