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Bayley positioned to end 2019 with her best year yet

Overall 2019 was another successful year for the women in WWE. Granted the second half of the year may have been a little lackluster minus a few great matches, the women continue to dominate. The year has been met with just as many highs as it has had lows.

Perhaps the biggest moment of the year was women main eventing the biggest show of the year for the first time – WrestleMania. Although the current SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley wasn’t in that main event, she may have just had the best year out of any member of the women’s locker room.

If she has a match at the upcoming TLC event on Dec. 15 then that will make Bayley the only female to wrestle in all 12 monthly pay-per-views throughout 2019. The odds of this happening is likely because for the past couple of weeks Bayley has had deal with Lacey Evans.

Rounding out the year with 12 straight pay-per-views is just the cherry on the top off an incredible year for the former Hugger.

She started the year off strong at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. She became one-half of the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champion with her best friend Sasha Banks. From there her appetite for gold wasn’t fully quenched because she lost the tag titles in just 49-days at WrestleMania.

It didn’t take long for Bayley to bounce back from her tag title loss as she quickly took advantage of one of biggest opportunities in WWE – Money in the Bank. Not only would she go on to win the women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match but she would successfully cash it in on Charlotte Flair on the same night.

Credit: WWE

In that moment she became not only the SmackDown Women’s Champion, but the first ever female Grand Slam Champion (RAW Women’s, SmackDown Women’s, Women’s Tag Team, and NXT Women’s). This was also her first singles title since she won the RAW Women’s Championship in 2017.

Credit: WWE

Since then she has become a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion and depending on who you speak to had a much needed successful heel turn.

If Bayley can get through the next 20-days as champion she will also end the year as the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in history. Becky Lynch is currently at the top with 216-days, Bayley is at 196-days and counting.

Credit: WWE

What a year for Bayley, right?

What have you thought of Bayley’s highly decorated year? What do you think 2020 will have in store for her? Leave your thoughts on Bayley’s year in the comment section below.

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