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Bayley Talks Highly of Roxanne Perez – Says The Future Is In Good Hands

Bayley, along with her Damage CTRL stablemates (Dakota Kai and IYO SKY), were this week’s guests on WWE’s The Bump.

During the visit, Bayley talked a bit about the NXT women’s division. She watched the Roxanne Perez vs. Meiko Satomura match from this week’s NXT 2.0 and spoke highly of the future of women’s wrestling.

“It’s crazy going back and just seeing all of the girls that are there that are so young. We just watched Roxanne and Meiko’s match right before the show. I was saying how good she is for being so young, and I’ve told her and Cora this multiple times, like I can’t even being here, at your age, at 21 and having these matches with someone like Meiko, who, I think they mentioned on commentary, was in WCW before she was even born, before Roxanne was born. So that match was just awesome to watch. I know that the future’s in good hands with someone like her there and Meiko being there to help guide.”

Bayley took some time at the WWE Performance Center to train prior to her return after a year absence from injury. During that time she provided some guidance to many newcomers in the developmental brand. She returned in August at SummerSlam and brought with her SKY and Kai who will be having a rematch for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles on the upcoming Sept. 12 episode of Raw.

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