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Becky Lynch Brawls With Damage CTRL; Candice LeRae Returns


The Monday Night Raw after Survivor Series WarGames opened up with the woman who won the WarGames Match for Team Bianca – Becky Lynch.

After embracing the WWE Universe, Lynch made her way out into the crowd and started incorporating them into her promo confirming that she is the man of the people. Shortly after, Bayley came out to address her. While Lynch was still in the crowd, Bayley and The Man exchange words back and forth getting the crowd members involved.

This takes place until the rest of Damage CTRL (IYO SKY and Dakota Kai) attack Lynch. As Bayley joins, the three-on-one assault escalates up to the merch stand until all parties involved are pulled apart by officials.

Directly after this, a small video of Rhea Ripley is played before she comes out to face “Michin” Mia Yim. The two rivals who participated in WarGames just 48 hours ago were putting on a stellar match until Judgment Day and The OC got involved which caused a no-contest finish. This then turned into the four-on-four tag team match that was highly anticipated between both factions.

Much like Yim vs. Ripley, this match was also very well received and it included the women even briefly interacting with the men instead of acknowledging mixed tag team rules. The result would come down to Yim and Ripley (as it should) with Ripley picking up the win for Judgment Day off of Riptide. This was after Yim bodyslammed Finn Balor and then targeted Dominik Mysterio.

Moments later, a video was shown about Candice LeRae and how she was taken out a month ago by Damage CTRL. She is back and was walking down a hallway backstage. She was stopped for an interview where she addressed Dakota Kai in particular because she had a match with her later in the night. While LeRae was walking down the hallway, Nikki Cross was hiding as we saw her peek out to take a glance at LeRae.

As stated, LeRae and Kai have a match later in the night. The match was given plenty of time and showcased both women very well. LeRae started the match quickly by attacking Kai when she was making her entrance. Bayley and SKY would attempt to come down to the ring to help but were sent to the back so there was nobody out at ringside. Despite Kai pulling out many moves in her arsenal including the scorpion kick, she wasn’t able to get the victory. LeRae defeated one-half of the Women’s Tag Team Champions with a top rope neck breaker.

Finally, three women from WarGames we hadn’t seen yet were Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Commentary stated that due to the WarGames match, the three women weren’t cleared to compete. They also said despite Bayley and SKY being involved in the brawl earlier in the night, they were also not cleared to compete on Raw. SKY had on a neck brace during the brawl.

There was a backstage interview with Asuka, Bliss, and Belair where they were commenting on WarGames and including Becky Lynch as the final member paying off for their team. Belair stated that every plan Damage CTRL had backfired since SummerSlam. She also would say she is happy to put all of that behind her. Before they began to speak, the Wyatt 6 symbol appeared on the screen behind them. Bliss was checked out during the interview and not engaged. After Asuka spoke, Cathy Kelley asked Bliss if she had anything to add. After clearly being zoned out during the interview, Bliss woke up and said she agreed with what Belair had to say.

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