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Becky Lynch comments on Asuka being her successor to the RAW Women’s Title

Becky Lynch made the shocking announcement on RAW a few weeks ago that she is expecting. As a result, her near 400-days as champion had to come to an end. She passed the torch to Asuka in a way as she presented her with the title in the Money in the Bank briefcase. The explanation was that Asuka actually won the title by unhooking the briefcase at the top of WWE Headquarters.

So how did Lynch feel about presenting the title during this emotional announcement to Asuka? She spoke to Sports Illustrated to discuss this moment and about handing the title over to her.

“Passing that championship onto Asuka meant a lot,” revealed Becky Lynch.

“She really, really deserves it. And another element that people missed, because it’s not really advertised, is that she’s a working mom. She’s proven that you can do it all. You can be a badass and go off and have a family, you can come in and still kick more ass, have a YouTube show, and be entertaining as all hell. The fact that she was the person to take that title from me meant a lot to me.”

Credit: WWE

She continued, “I’ve had some of my favorite matches with her,” said Lynch. “Asuka’s cool, she’s so good and she’s a hard worker. She wants to give back and she’s not selfish. Around March of 2019, she was kind of robbed a little bit of her title. I was glad this time she was able to get it back.”

Lynch is referring to the moment where Asuka was SmackDown Women’s Champion heading into WrestleMania 35. Charlotte Flair would defeat her for the title before the event so that both titles could be on the line in the first women’s Mania main event.

For the full interview you can click here. All credit goes to Sports Illustrated for this interview and transcription.

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