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Becky Lynch on her SmackDown Women’s Title match at SummerSlam

Ahead of her big Triple Threat SmackDown Women’s Title match against Carmella and Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch was a recent guest on The Jim Ross Report to discuss her thoughts on Flair being added to the title match last minute, reaction to being referred to as ‘Flair’s sidekick’and her experience on shooting for WWE’s The Marine 6.

How much input she has in promos: I’ve got more control over tweets than promo writing if that makes sense. So when I see something I’m like ‘Well, I probably wouldn’t word it like that.’ They aren’t words that I as Rebecca Quinn would use so it’s going to be maybe difficult for me deliver that believably and I always want to sound like I’m just talking as opposed to delivering a promo or some sort of speech. I just try to look at it and make sure that whatever I’m saying has some depth that people can get behind and they can read before so that it’s a really active verb as opposed to maybe more passive stuff. Just constantly trying to sound like I’m fighting for something and then just make sure that it’s my own words as opposed to sound like lines that are words I wouldn’t use in regular conversation.

On Flair being inserted to her SummerSlam match: No, not too surprised. I feel like it’s kind of par for the course, especially with my character. It’s always that she’s almost there. Always almost. Then there’s another obstacle and then she’s got to constantly overcome that. There’s always gonna be obstacles thrown in my way and I think that’s been the thing that’s gotten the fans so far behind me. It’s that things don’t come easy for me. It’s never a straight path. There are always trees falling down and I’m climbing over them. Then there’s freaking lightning bolts and it almost hits me. I’m trying to dodge out of the way. I feel like I would have thought it would be a Triple Threat or a 4-Way or something. I always figured that there would be something else that would come on the way. It was never gonna be a straight shot right to SummerSlam.

Being referred to as Flair’s sidekick: That’s the thing. I get called that a lot but it’s never anything that I feel I am. That is, I guess, that ends up being the position and that ends up being what I’m called a lot of the time and of course, that’s bothering because I’m a woman on my own and I’ve been struggling through this thing since I was sixteen years old. Of course that’s gonna affect you and of course, that’s gonna hit you. I understand roles and she’s awesome and I always want her to do absolutely amazing things and she’s so capable and everything that she’s been through and she has so much passion for this business and she is such a wonderful sweet human being. I always just want to be on the same level and the same conversation. You never want to be thought of as less than because you’re putting your heart and soul into everything that you go out there and do. You don’t stop thinking about it. Of course, you’re never gonna be happy or content being called a sidekick and that’s not how I ever see myself. When it’s said and it’s reiterated, that’s always a little bit like, ‘Argh darn it. I thought I’d passed that.’ It works for the storyline.

Her experience shooting for Marine 6: So I’m the bad guy in this one. First of all, I absolutely loved shooting it! It was so great. Shawn [Michaels] and Mike [The Miz] were amazing. I’m the daughter of a gang lord and he’s been taken to jail. In order to get him out of jail, I kidnap the daughter of one of the jurors so that he’ll hang the jury. And then, of course, I kidnap her and then the Marines, Mike and Shawn, stumble upon us and all hell is broken loose. They take her and I’m trying to get her back but my intentions were good, clearly. It was so much fun to do. It was quick – a three-week shoot for the entire movie. We did it in London. It was nice, it was different, it was nice to have a light schedule. To be in one spot and in the same bed for three weeks, that was a nice little break.

Lynch also discusses finding her way back to wrestling after taking a break from it, being a part of the SmackDown roster and whether she would join the cast of Total Divas.

You can listen to the full interview below:

What did you think of the interview? Are you rooting for Becky Lynch at SummerSlam? What do you think will happen in the upcoming weeks to SummerSlam? Let us know in the comments below!

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