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Blair Davenport punished by NXT UK

NXT UK officials have suspended Blair Davenport indefinitely after her vicious attack on Nina Samuels and the Assistant to the General Manager.

On last week’s show, Davenport and Samuels were scheduled for a one-on-one match. However, the match never took place.

During Samuel’s entrance, Davenport shoved her off the ring post and commenced an incessant attack. Davenport threw Samuels into the barricades at ringside before hitting a Falcon Arrow in the ring.

Referees and the AGM hit the ring to halt the assault, but Davenport wasn’t finished. The former World of STARDOM Champion then and planted the suit with a Kamigoye and a Falcon Arrow.

Since arriving in NXT UK Davenport is undefeated and certainly made her presence felt backstage.

What do you make of Blair Davenport’s actions and punishment? Let us know in the comments below.

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