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Blair Davenport & Stevie Turner both make a statement on NXT UK


On this week’s NXT UK Blair Davenport put the entire women’s division on notice while Stevie Turner got in the champion’s face.

The show kicked off with the match between NXT UK’s newest bad girl, Davenport and Xia Brookside.

The week prior Davenport called Brookside out. Davenport said that Brookside was only in NXT UK because of her surname. The snipe resulted in a match on this week’s show.

The match started with some back-and-forth action with both laying in the offence.

Davenport took control before landing a big knee strike followed by a Kamigoye. Brookside succumbed to the strikes and was pinned for Davenport’s second victory in the promotion.

After the match, Davenport added insult to injury by planting Brookside with a Michinoku Driver.

This was a good showcase to establish Davenport as someone to be reckoned with in the NXT UK women’s division.

Following the match, an Isla Dawn vignette played showing her doing spooky things. Then backstage footage showed Nina Samuels and Amale get heated as they get into each other’s faces. This confrontation results in a match booked for next week between the two.

Another video package shows Aofie Valkyrie cursing Jinny and Joseph Conners.

Stevie Turner approaches NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura but it is quickly reminded it was a bad idea. It seems as though Turner is stepping up to challenge the champ, which is an even worse idea.

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