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Bobby Lashley Has High Hopes On B-Fab

We finally, after months and months, have welcomed B-Fab into Bobby Lashley’s group. The group also consists of the Street Profits.

For months, B-Fab was seen talking with Lashley and nothing seemed to materialize until last Friday. During a match that was supposed to be between Lashley and the Street Profits vs. Karrion Kross and AOP things quickly broke down as the men brawled. Scarlett would get involved by jumping on the back of Lashley, but this is where B-Fab cemented her spot in the group and took out Scarlett

On this week’s WWE The Bump, Lashley talked about including B-Fab officially in the group –

“It was really cool. This is one thing, I said this before in another interview. Our women’s division is probably I believe even deeper than the men’s division, just with the amount of talent that we have on our women’s roster. So of course, with every one of these groups having formed, they all have someone on their roster that will be in that women’s category.

So I say it’s cool because we have so many women that are on the top, so if we would have had any one of them come in, it would have been fantastic. But we have a lot of women that are hungry, that are trying to make their break into that next level. B-Fab is one of those women that want to break into that next level. So it is awesome because I have an opportunity to help her make it to that level, hopefully by being in our group,” Lashley said. (Fightful)

Liv Morgan was also on The Bump and gave her thoughts on B-Fab. She gave her huge credit fro all the work she has been putting in.

Lashley continued, “She’s been telling me all about it. We’ve been having these discussions for a long time. I always keep up with Natty’s school anyway, so I’ve been seeing her up there, putting in the work. Every time we have conversations in the evening, she’s like, ‘I’m going to class, I’ll call you back after class is over.’ I know she’s there, and I know, aside from our world, I think the office sees that also, and they have high hopes for her. So hopefully we can get her to where she needs or has the ability to be.”

The full episode is below.

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