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Brandi Rhodes comments on AEW/NXT scheduling and Britt Baker

Brandi Rhodes spoke to Triblive recently as AEW quickly approaches their television debut on TNT. During the conversation, they discussed the recent NXT announcement that WWE has made in regards to its scheduling. It was previously the hot topic of discussion earlier in the week that NXT will be moving to the USA Network in a two-hour time slot. This will directly rival AEW’s time slot on TNT during Wednesday nights.

She was specifically asked if NXT is the best brand out of the three main brands WWE has to go up against AEW. She had the following to say:

“I definitely can’t speak for them and their business planning and thinking, but as far as AEW is concerned we’re all for it. We are excited to be on Wednesday night. We’ve got amazing things lined up. We can’t wait to get to air. We’re actually on the TNT campus right now with a ton of meetings and going over all sorts of aspects of rolling into Oct. 2. It’s a wild and great time for everyone. Our fans are going to be shocked, satiated and I think they will keep coming back for more.”

Rhodes and the rest of AEW seem to be chomping at the bit to get on television and many fans feel the same way. She was also asked about Britt Baker. With Baker being quite familiar with Pittsburgh and taping is occurring there, Rhodes was asked if there will be some sort of focus on Baker during her hometown performance.

 “Oh yes. I’m sure she will be represented really well,” Rhodes said. “She got her degree steps away from where we’re going to be, so it will be sentimental for her and should be a nice moment.”

Baker was the first female talent that was signed with AEW and Rhodes explains why she was the one to hold that honor.

“Britt has always been on the cusp of doing something different. She’s a very talented wrestler, and she’s had a lot of options in her career and life. The path she wanted to take is the one of the disruptor, and that’s who we are. AEW is kind of a rebel group making a lot of noise. From the first show we all did together, All In, before AEW was formed where we sold out Sears Center in Chicago — which was first time in many years a rogue group like us could sell out over 10,000 seats — and Britt was one of those ladies who really rallied to be part of the show. She was a core element of that show. She’s in line with our thinking and how we want to present our brand, so she was just the perfect woman to be the first announced.”

Credit to Triblive for their exclusive interview and transcripts used.

What are your thoughts on what Rhodes had to say about going up against NXT? Do you think that Britt Baker may have a shot to become AEW’s first Women’s World Champion? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section.

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