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Bret Hart Says Bella Twins Are Amongst His Favorite Current WWE Stars

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart has bestowed high praise upon Brie and Nikki Bella, listing them amongst his favorite current WWE stars.

In an interview with Cardboard Connection, Hart says the Bellas are getting ‘better and better’.

Excerpt below:

The first names out of his mouth were the Bella twins, Brie and Nikki. “They’re getting better and better. I like Daniel Bryan. I love his style. I love his incorporation of actual wrestling holds and submissions and his style. I’m a big fan of Cena. I’m a big fan of [Randy] Orton.”

Bret previously praised Melina as ‘the best in the world.

Thoughts: That is really high praise coming from the WWE Hall of Famer. I would agree that Brie and Nikki have been entertaining since their heel turn when given the opportunity. Their promo on Kharma was really good. It’s a shame that they aren’t given more mic time because they really have great ‘bad girl’ personalities, particularly Nikki.

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