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Brie Bella opens up on wanting another WWE run

WWE Superstar Brie Bella recently spoke with TV Insider to discuss the third season of Total Bellas, her aspiration of wanting to have one more WWE run and the success of Total Divas and Total Bellas. Highlights of the interview below.

On Season Three of Total Bellas: “It’s crazy, because I know what is going to happen. I know how it all unfolds. Every Sunday night I sit with a box of tissues and a bottle of wine and cry my eyes out. For me as a sister — and I feel like I’m a sister to both John and Nicole — you just want to mend everything. Maybe it’s the mom in me. I want everyone to be happy. I want everything to work. When it’s out of your hands and your control, you can’t help but be so emotional. There are definitely [also] great moments like seeing Bryan [Danielson] make his comeback to the ring. Seeing myself come back for the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble. And my mom being the weather woman. Those are moments where I smile so big. With John and Nicole, it has been tough. I just have to say I give them so much credit, because it would have been easy for them to say, ‘None of this can be aired. No cameras. Nothing.’ But my sister has always stood strong, with the line of thinking of, ‘You know what? I’m going to show everyone the good, the bad, the ugly, the happy, the everything. I’m not going to pick and choose. This is who I am, and you’re going to see it. And if you love me, hate me, whatever it is. This is my life.’”

On having another WWE run: “My husband really wants us to get pregnant again. I tell him that in my heart I just really want to come back to have a main story. Whether it’s a month long or two months, six months. I would love that. I think about how much work one kid is. Bringing another in, I can’t imagine. My sister and I are really pushing hard. We would both love to, especially since the last couple of years it was Nikki was there or I was there. The Bella Twins really haven’t had a run since the ‘Divas Revolution.’ There are great teams like the IIconics. We would love to go against them. Even if I had a one-off, I’d love to wrestle Asuka, Alexa Bliss. There are so many girls I would wrestle. Even with the Mixed Match Challenge. I was like, ‘Bryan, we should do it if it came back. Wouldn’t it be amazing?’ I’m hoping. I told him to give me until next summer. Let me see if I can do something before then. If the boss doesn’t want us back by next summer, we can start trying for babies.”

On the success of Total Divas and Total Bellas: “They were reality shows that at first people were so against. They thought they would ruin the wrestling business. No, we are going to expose it to more women out there. We are going to have more people believe and say they want to be a professional wrestler. I can even tell you since the launch of those reality shows all the women, the young girls, they come to our signings. The wives bring their husbands to tell us they never liked wrestling until they watched the reality shows. Now they want to go to Raw. Husbands are always like, ‘Thank you. Thank you so much because we can watch wrestling in our house now.’ It has been an honor to be at the forefront of that and just to see what it has done. It is crazy. Nicole and I, when we were there that night. We never thought we would be there hearing all this stuff. You have to pinch yourself at times.”

Bella also discusses some of the challenges of being first-time parents, Daniel Bryan’s return to the ring, and WWE’s For Your Consideration” Emmy event.

You can read the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? Would you like to see Bella make a return to the ring? Have you been enjoying season three of Total Bellas so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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