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Brie Bella credits ‘Total Divas’ for women’s revolution

In an interview with Digital Spy released on Monday, WWE superstar/reality TV star Brie Bella claimed that her show Total Divas deserves plenty of credit for jump-starting the women’s revolution that has been spreading throughout the wrestling world, over the last couple of years.

“I think sometimes wrestling fans feel different, but the thing is, Total Divas introduced women’s wrestling to the world,” Bella said in the interview alongside her sister, Nikki Bella.

“I really think Total Divas started that fire and I think it really peaked a lot of people’s interest and it got them so connected to these women in WWE that they wanted to fight for us. So I give a lot of credit to Total Divas.”

The Bella Twins, as they are known in WWE and beyond, started on Total Divas back in 2013 alongside numerous other WWE “Divas,” as they were then known.

Brie and Nikki have been two of the constants in an ever-changing lineup of women, and they believe that the debut of their show coincides with the women’s revolution sweeping the wrestling world.

“I think Total Divas really not only put women on the map, but it showcased how hard it was to be in-ring and out of the ring and balance being a wife, a girlfriend, and someone just trying to figure out their lives, and I think people really connected to that,” Brie would go on to say.

The Total Divas universe has often made its way onto WWE television, with numerous programs making reference and being spun off of the show upon its debut, in July of 2013. Many people in wrestling circles credit the work of superstars like Paige, AJ Lee, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and others for jump-starting the “women’s revolution” in WWE, and the term was coined on television by Stephanie McMahon for the purposes of WWE back in 2016, three years after the Bellas hit the airwaves on the Entertainment Network (E!, for short).

Total Divas has been on the airwaves for eight seasons, and a spin-off show Total Bellas just kicked off its fourth season on Jan. 13.

Do you agree that Total Divas deserves credit for at least part of the women’s revolution?

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