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British Boot Camp Contest Entry: Why Nixon Newell Deserves Her Big Break

In partnership with TNA British Boot Camp, Diva Dirt asked fans to tell us who on the European indy scene deserves a big break. Below is submission from reader Rhys Hawkins.

Her name is Steffanie Newell, better known for her current ring name of Nixon Newell, or simply Nixon. Once going under names such as Steffi Rose and Miss Ruby, she is still fairly new to the wrestling scene, I believe just passing 2 or 3 years of experience. She is a Welsh Valleys girl, coming from (I believe) Baregoed, Wales (Within the Welsh Valleys, must like myself!) who began her wrestling training within the promotion Welsh Wrestling where she briefly went under the names Steffi Rose and Miss Ruby. Since then the main accomplishments she has had to date is being paired against up and comers in the womens wrestling scene, as well as facing off against the men as well. She is also the first woman to hold the ATTACK 24/7 Championship from the ATTACK! Pro Wrestling promotion. Also, for a little bit of international experience, she appeared once for an on-camera interview for TNA alongside SoCal Val as she talked about her experience winning VIP Tickets to TNA Slammiversary 2013. During her time in the States, she had a match against rising star Heidi Lovelace for the NWA Saw promotion, where she came up short against the Punk Rock Ragdoll. She is also currently known for making up one half of “The Vulture Squad” tag team alongside Chris Brookes.

Being a little bit biased here I admit, I believe that British Boot Camp focuses on talent from all parts of the United Kingdom, however whenever TNA holds events for their UK tours, they only appear to focus on England and Scotland as their tour country, never Northern Ireland or Wales. Once upon a time they did, they even had Swansea Star Rob Terry win the TNA Global Championship at an event in Cardiff, Wales. However they don’t focus on Wales anymore, and as for Rob himself, he is now under the gimmick of “The Freak”, which makes no reference to him being Rob Terry, or that he’s a Welsh wrestler.

There are not enough Welsh wrestlers in mainstream, or even independent media to showcase what our country is truly capable of doing, and I believe Nixon is one of the few shining stars that can prove everyone wrong around Welsh stereotypes and thoughts of it still as being apart of England, when Wales is in fact it’s own country with it’s own heritage, which Nixon is proud to be representing.

Also to add to this, despite being so new to the scene, Nixon is holding herself very well against most to all opponents she faces in the ring, and only continues to improve in any situation she is placed in. Whether it’s singles action, tag team, hardcore matches. Whether it’s working as the babyface in peril or the spoilt heel, she can do it all and again, only continues to improve with the more experience she gets.

She can fit in well with the current Knockouts division. As states before she can play the babyface in peril very well that people can easily get behind due to her lovable genuine personality that people will want to root for. She can bring an international vibe to the show as well, something that TNA isn’t doing well with Rob Terry (their only other Welsh star) and she can balance out between the other English stars on the show. Also with her brief appearance on TNA before (even thought it was a YouTube backstage interview) they know who she is and can work around her anyway they want.

I just really want Nixon in TNA, okay? I don’t need British Boot Camp tickets to get my point across, I just want to world to recognize that she is coming to make her own Impact, whether it’s with TNA or not, she will let you feel the sting of the dragon’s tail!

Follow Nixon on Twitter @NixonNewell.

The second season of TNA British Boot Camp will air in the UK later this year on Challenge TV.

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