Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Britt Baker continues her rise through rankings with another win on AEW Dark: Elevation

The face of the AEW women’s division, Dr Britt Baker racked up an impressive victory on Dark: Elevation as she climbs up the rankings to the coveted number one spot. The show also saw Thunder Rosa, Abadon, Leyla Hirsch and Ryo Mizunami pick up wins over their respective opponents.

Baker defeated Tesha Price in a great back and forth match that saw some great mat wrestling, solid strikes and fun moments.

Price looked very good throughout the match getting in some strong offence and catching Baker off guard a few times. Baker prevailed turning up the nastiness and making Price pay for her actions.

Price has a lot of upsides. She has some great heel tendencies and the unhinged character seems to be working for her so far. Plus she has some excellent facial expressions that add to the fun and drama of her performance.

Baker continues to excel both in and out of the ring. Her quest to reach the top of the rankings by fighting and winning on all AEW’s shows is a masterstroke. Her actions to get the number one spot gives kudos with multiple victories while proving her need and desire to become AEW Women’s World Champion.

Abadon also scored a win in her match against Skye Blue. The match was a showcase for the “Living Dead Girl” and her creepy antics and zombie movie offence. Blue attempted to take the match to Abadon but with little success. Abadon attacked her opponent with some vicious moves including a swinging backbreaker, German suplex and the Cemetary Driver for the win.

Thunder Rosa picked up a win in her match with Shawna Reed.

This was a really good match that saw Reed put in another impressive showing in the AEW ring. Rosa stung Reed with a stream of chops and signature stiff offence. Reed fired back with a flurry of strikes, stomps and running hip attack. Rosa regained control and hit her brutal running basement dropkick before landing a nasty Thunder Driver for the victory.

Reed once again looked good and has a certain charisma and intriguing aura. She got some decent offence in against Thunder Rosa, which isn’t easy. Definitely, one to keep an eye on.

Thunder Rosa is just incredible and doesn’t seem to take a day off as she proves herself to be the hardest working person in wrestling.

Finally, Ryo Mizunami and Leyla Hirsch took on Nyla Rose and Madi Wrenkowski in a good tag team match.

Mizunami and Rose slugged it out early on. Wrenkowski tagged herself in but paid for her cockiness as Mizunami and Hirsch singled her out. Rose ran in to even the odds, which allowed Wrenkowski to hit the X-Factor on Hirsch for a near fall. Hirsch then caught Wrenkowski who missed an axe kick in an armbar for the tap out victory.

Wrenkowski continues to shine and makes the most out of every opportunity AEW are giving her. Mizunami is really good fun but also brings the fire with her heavy-hitting offence. Hirsch applied her usual strong and solid style. Hirsch and Mizunami had good chemistry together and made a good duo. Hopefully, we get to see more of them in tag team action in the future.

That’s it for this week’s AEW Dark: Elevation catch up and results. What did you make of the matches? Let us know in the comments below.

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