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Who came out on top from the Tribute to the Troops event?

WWE superstars participated in the 15th annual Tribute to the Troops that was aired on December 14th. This event took place at the Naval Base in San Diego with the ring surrounded by servicemen and women with their families. This personal event is always a great one to experience.

The gratitude from the WWE superstars for the U.S. Military during this time of the year is even more warm and comforting.

The women had two matches that were showcased during this event. The first match was from the blue brand of Smackdown Live!, which featured a triple threat match between WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair vs Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella vs Ruby Riott.

The match foreshadows Flair’s title defense this coming Sunday against Natalya in a lumberjack match with the remainder of the Riott Squad (Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan), Lana, Tamina and Naomi surrounding ringside.

The match starts out with Riott rolling out of the ring once the bell rings. Carmella immediately goes for a quick roll up pin on Flair to which Flair kicks out. Riott then comes back in the ring and goes on the attack on Flair. Flair turns the attack around and gets Riott into the corner and focuses on her ribs. Carmella and Riott briefly work together to go after Flair. Carmella mocks Ric Flair much to the anger to the crowd as they “boo” her.

Natalya appears down the ramp in an attempt to try and taunt her opponent for their upcoming match at Clash of Champions this Sunday. An attempt to go up to the top rope by Flair was stopped by Riott only to have Carmella get involved and bring Flair crashing down to the mat. Flair responds with a double suplex to both her opponents much to the troops appreciation by chanting, “that was awesome.” Flair continues on the offense by providing multiple chops to both women. Riott responds to Flair with a pele kick to which Carmella tries to take the advantage. Carmella throws Riott outside the ring and attempts to pin Charlotte from the pele kick. The match concludes with Carmella tapping out to Falir’s figure 8.

After the match, Flair gets on the mic and gives her appreciation to the troops, especially to the servicewomen.

RAW’s women’s match is the second women’s match of the event. The red brand delivers a high energy 3 on 3, 6 woman tag team match. This match puts Absolution vs the team of Mickie James, Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Mickie James and Sonya Deville trade blows back and forth until James gets a 1 count pin on Deville. Deville promptly rolls out of the ring. James joins her on the outside and the two continue to trade punches back and forth.

This leads to a stand off with all 3 women from Absolution staring down James, Banks and Bayley. Banks goes on the offense against Paige. As Banks goes for a pin on Paige, Deville and Mandy Rose break it up.

Bayley and Banks then attack Deville and Rose until they spill outside the ring.

Banks tags in James who then attacks Paige. James goes up to the top rope and gives the crowd a salute as she comes crashing down on Paige and attempts to make a pin.

James goes back up top and takes out the rest of the women outside the ring with a cross body. James’ momentum was then halted as soon as James gets back into the ring as she fell victim to the rampaige. Paige picks up the pin for the win.

What did everyone think of these two matches? Was it a good build up for Clash of Champions? Let it be heard in the comments below!!

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