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Candice Michelle Gives Birth to Daughter

Former WWE Diva, Candice Michelle gave birth to a baby daughter named AkiAnne last night. Congratulations to Candice and husband KenGee!

Their new arrival was heralded by a press release — yes, a press release — from where Candice is a Go Daddy Girl. Not only that, but AkiAnne has her own official website courtesy of GoDaddy. Check out the press release below:

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (May 24, 2010) — You know her as the sexy, tank-topped Go Daddy Girl who helped brand the world’s largest Web hosting and domain name provider. Now, Candice Michelle has another role: Mommy!

Candice and her husband, KenGee, welcomed AkiAnne Rose into the world yesterday afternoon. AkiAnne, pronounced “Ah-kee Anne,” weighs six pounds and is nearly 20 inches long. Both baby and mom are healthy and resting comfortably in a Los Angeles hospital.

“AkiAnne is more beautiful than we ever imagined she could be,” Candice told her family.

“We’re so happy for Candice and KenGee,” said CEO and founder Bob Parsons.

AkiAnne is already part of the Go Daddy family too. Candice registered weeks ago.

“I registered her dot-COM name, and a few other back-up domain names, as soon as we decided on our baby’s name,” Candice said earlier this month. “I wanted to be sure AkiAnne had her very own place on the Internet, where we can post videos and photos — it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. I really do think, someday soon, everyone will have a domain name, just like we all have a cell phone number.”

Candice is not alone. Popular baby names, as cited recently by the U.S. Social Security Administration, directly correlate with a surge in related domain name registrations at

“The Internet is the real estate of the 21st century,” said Parsons. “This is a way to give someone an inexpensive gift that can last a lifetime, instead of a toy that goes by the wayside after a few months. Think about it, the domain name sets up a person’s online identity from day one!”

A domain name is the important first-step to building a website and nowadays, a custom website can be up-and-running in less than ten minutes. Plus, having your own domain name and website means you enjoy more ‘content control’ than is available with free social sites.

“I am so glad I had AkiAnne’s domain name lined up already,” Candice said by phone. “I can’t wait to share our baby pictures on her website so all of our family, spread out all over the country, can see her!”

If you’re looking for a ‘hip’ gift to give, like a domain name, you don’t need to be a tech whiz. Just go to and type in the desired name where you see, “Start a domain search,” at the top of the page. The search will show whether the name is available or if you can buy the rights to a similar name.

To see Candice’s new little ‘Go Daddy Girl,’ visit

For domain names, websites and everything in between, visit

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